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The Catmaste Chronicles Podcast

The Catmaste Chronicles will feature a collection of conversations from people who have inspirational stories to share. The main topic of the podcast is about well-being and how our beloved pets have contributed to our mental and physical wellness.

We have a variety of guests that come from all walks of life from coaches, personal trainers, yogi’s artists, cat daddies and mummies, who have such interesting stories to share. We created this podcast to give space and opportunity to people who are passionate about wellness and animals.

As a cat sitting company owner, my team and I know how much we get from doing this job with cats. It is literally the best job I have ever had and it comes with so many therapeutic benefits. We aren’t just caring for cats, they are also caring for us and showing us in their little unique ways and quirks. So we are interested in bringing together the topics of cats and well-being to see just how fitting they are together.

So whether you want to bring some wellness into your life or just love listening to stories about cats, the catmaste chronicles is for you.

Oct 28, 2020

This week Michelle speaks with Magda Nawrocka-Weekes from London about climate change, seed saving, and food security. Magda is a former biochemist who is passionate about saving the environment, issues of food waste, and protesting for rights. She is also an avid gardener who grows, shares, and educates others about...

Oct 21, 2020

This week Michelle speaks with Tina Pencinger about working in an Oxfam charity shop, fast fashion, and her style and sustainability fashion blog 'Golden med girl'. Tina is a deputy manager of an Oxfam shop in Kingston, she gives us an insight into how clothing and other donated items are sold, upcycled, or even used to...

Oct 14, 2020

This week Michelle speaks with Jane Layton about her sustainable upcycled jewellery business, Kitsch2thecore. All of the Jewellery that Jane makes is sustainably sourced from reclaimed fabric and stainless steel. She sells her beautiful pieces on the popular vintage site Depop, so if you are looking for cute Christmas...

Oct 7, 2020

This week Michelle speaks with Camille Radford a small Esty business owner from Maryland, Baltimore all about the inspiration behind her faux locks business, Rainbow VLG Warriors. Camille designs and creates faux hand-rolled and dyed wool dreadlocks using sustainably sourced wool from a farm in North Carolina....