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The Catmaste Chronicles Podcast

The Catmaste Chronicles will feature a collection of conversations from people who have inspirational stories to share. The main topic of the podcast is about well-being and how our beloved pets have contributed to our mental and physical wellness.

We have a variety of guests that come from all walks of life from coaches, personal trainers, yogi’s artists, cat daddies and mummies, who have such interesting stories to share. We created this podcast to give space and opportunity to people who are passionate about wellness and animals.

As a cat sitting company owner, my team and I know how much we get from doing this job with cats. It is literally the best job I have ever had and it comes with so many therapeutic benefits. We aren’t just caring for cats, they are also caring for us and showing us in their little unique ways and quirks. So we are interested in bringing together the topics of cats and well-being to see just how fitting they are together.

So whether you want to bring some wellness into your life or just love listening to stories about cats, the catmaste chronicles is for you.

Oct 20, 2021

This week we revisit our favourite past episodes as the finale of season 1 draws closer.

I spoke to Donna Stead about her adorable cat Heidi, who has feline asthma and has soared to Instagram fame with more than 10k followers. Donna is also a brilliant cat foster mummy who works closely with 'Mog on the Tyne Cafe' based in Newcastle UK. The cafe provides rescue cats with shelter until they find permanent homes. All cat lovers are welcome to enjoy the sweet kitties along with a warming beverage. But Donna doesn't stop there she also makes cute kitty bandanas, which are available to purchase online and modelled by Heidi and friends. 

Donna is such an inspirational cat mum and we can tell that our feline friends have a close place in her heart. She uses Heidi's Instagram account to bring awareness to feline asthma, which helps cat owners or those thinking about getting a cat to understand the condition better. If you would like to find out more about Donna and her accounts online follow her on Instagram @heidi.kat and @cutekittybandanas and for the cat cafe @mogonthetyne.

Join Michelle for weekly episodes as she invites guest speakers from coaches, personal trainers, yogis, business owners, chefs, and more to discuss their personal success stories and well-being. Oh, and of course PETS. All of our guests are pet owners and have such amazing stories about their beloved pets. So whether you want to start a journey of wellness, listen to inspirational stories about life and pets, we are the place to be. You can follow Michelle on Instagram and Facebook @Chattycatscare. As always please do rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast.